Friday, September 29, 2006


In the coming months, J and I will undertake a cross-country move. We're leaving our beloved Seattle in favor of my home town in Massachusetts. Our plan has always been to move back closer to family. We bought a little fixer-upper a while back and are due to break ground on a remodel soon. Timing our move has been a challenge complicated by our reproductive adventures. But come hell or high water, we're moving before the end of the year.

In preparation for that, we've begun all the random home improvement projects that need to happen before we put our Seattle house on the market. You know, the stuff you probably should have attended to years ago but never did? The other weekend, for example, I cleaned out the pantry.

And thus commenced the great Wheat Thin massacre of 2006.

Our house is where Wheat Thins, and their brethren the Triscuit, go to die. I'm too embarrassed to recount the precise number of unopened, expired boxes of crackers that met their demise in the recesses of my pantry, but suffice it to say it could keep a small nation in kitschy hors d'oeuvres for a good long time. And I can do nothing but blame it on my mother. She always has a box of Wheat Thins in her pantry, and now I feel compelled to always have one in mine -- what else to serve to unexpected guests? Except, we never do have unexpected guests in want of a Wheat Thin, and we never eat them ourselves. But that doesn't stop me from buying them. Compulsively.

The other thing we did that weekend was sort through and pack up boxes and boxes of books. We're trying to simplify, so we decided to sell certain titles to a local used book store. I added most of my general IF books to the pile (with the exception of Alice Domar's Conquering Infertility; I still have two copies of that one). It's a stack of books that used to enjoy residence on my bedside table. I'd pour over chapters on charting your cycle, acupuncture, foods to avoid when you have endometriosis, what to expect from an IUI cycle, an IVF cycle.

I added those books to the to-sell pile because I realized there's nothing they can teach me anymore. I've charted my cycle. I've done acupuncture. I've had surgery for endometriosis and fibroids. I've done IUIs. I've done IVFs. What's left? I'm not saying I'm an expert (although I'm more of an expert than I ever wanted to be). It's more an indication that we're reaching the end of our road. It's like selling back your college textbooks at the end of the semester. We've done our research, we studied hard, we took all the practice quizzes. Now all that's left is the final exam.


At September 29, 2006 11:59 AM, Blogger Lut C. said...

Do you know anyone with chickens? Perhaps you could swap the Wheat thins for some fresh eggs. ;-)

At September 29, 2006 2:11 PM, Anonymous Watson said...

I can't believe you didn't call me to come over for some stale-Wheat-Thins and cheese. I would've come over in a flash, maybe even bringing some wine in a box if you were lucky!

Good luck with the move...I know that whole process can be so stressful, I hope you get good news soon and feel ready for a change of scenary.

Keep us posted :-)

At September 29, 2006 2:34 PM, Blogger steph said...

Sounds like something to keep you busy until the big test day arrives. I just got rid of one of my infertility books, too. Just didn't make sense anymore. And I'm passing along my ovulation monitor to a friend just starting the long haul after failed IUIs. Cleaning out the infertile house....

Feed the crackers to the birds or something! I'm sure if you break up a bunch of Wheat Thins in the yard or the park and toss them around you'll have a serious bird party!! Or squirrels depending on what area you're in. My SIL has a home in Portland and there are a bunch of squirrels in her yard all the time..

At September 29, 2006 5:34 PM, Blogger Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Good luck with the move!

I have gotten rid of a lot of my IF stuff too. In fact I gave my ovulation monitor to my 19 year old cousin who may be trying for number 2 soon. Ouch.

I hope that you have good news for us soon.

At September 30, 2006 3:14 AM, Blogger Womb in Waiting said...

sounds like youre doing the big spiritual purge....getting ready for your big move - good luck with all this & i hope you get wonderful news soon, im praying for you. ps -thanx for all your support - im very grateful. xx

At September 30, 2006 9:25 AM, Blogger Sunnie said...

Congratulations on the fixer-upper :) Have fun!

At October 03, 2006 8:50 AM, Blogger r.a.w. said...

Funny about the Wheat Thins. We are that way with Rice Krispies. We always buy them to make Rice Krispie Treats and get home and realize there are three or four open boxes from the last time we did that.

Finally, on our last grocery store trip, we bought LOTS of marshmallows. So no we are down to two boxes of Rice Krispies...


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